Faith Radio’s 70th Anniversary Event

Join us for a night of comedy with Bill Arnold and the original cast of Triple Espresso as we celebrate 70 years of radio ministry.…

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Recent Prayer Requests

Baby needs healing

3 month old baby is bleeding rectally. Uncertain of cause. Is unable to digest milk. Desperately need God's help. Thank...

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Baby needs prayer

We have family in Kansas who had baby Kivytt born on 1/13/19 at 4lb 4 oz with Downs Syndrome and hear issues. He has been flown to a Kansas City hospital for...

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Important Appointment

Gracious Father in Heaven, maker of the stars and maker of my daughter. I pray to you with awe and humble reverence. I pray that your will be done tomorrow at...

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The unknown future of a job

Pray that the Lord could bring either restoration or new beginning for an unsettling place with my current employer. That he would provide hope and a future in...

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Dave Bast & Scott Hoezee

Turning Point Weekend

David Jeremiah

Moody Presents

Paul Nyquist/Jon Gauger

Let My People Think

Ravi Zacharias

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Charles Morris

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RBC Ministries


Lisa Anderson

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Focus on the Family/John Fuller

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Carter Conlon

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Dr. Ritch Boerckel



Moody Presents

Paul Nyquist/Jon Gauger
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