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Verse of the Day: 1 Timothy 4:1-2

The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.

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  • Healing of infection

    Friends please join me in prayer in the healing of my bladder infection. There is no greater medicine than the Lord's love & as I get through the work day, I...

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  • Breakthrough

    Lord please heal and restore my...

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  • healing and finances

    Please pray for healing of female issues for me! And that my husband will agree to get the loan! In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you and God bless...

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  • Son Stepping into Dangerous Lifestyle

    My son who changed his life and walked a beautiful Christian walk after salvation has now been convinced by "godly men" to accept a gay lifestyle for himself....

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