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Serving our survivors

Hot off the trails of the Kavanaugh hearings, even sexual assault has become a polarized issue, with many immediately believing the accused or the accuser. But this doesn't serve the mission of the church.


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Recent Prayer Requests

Going into divorce

33 yrs of marriage...realizing I never loved my husband...3 grown kids later....I’m wondering if I should leave....he loves me unconditionally....I don’t...

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Employment for Daughter

Pray for my daughter to find a job as a Nurse Midwife in the Phoenix area. Was laid off without cause and has been searching for several months. Desperately...

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Sister's Depression

My sister is in a deep depression. She's been battling depression since our dad died a few years ago. She currently is on a downward slope. She has a 7 year...

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Struggling Son

Asking for prayer over my 17 year old son. He struggles with past hurts, deep wounded spirit, using drugs and alcohol as a way to self medicate. He also...

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Connecting Faith

Carmen LaBerge

Destined for Victory

Paul Sheppard

Revive Our Hearts

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth

In Touch

Charles Stanley


Rob West & Steve Moore

Truth For Life

Alistair Begg

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