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The science of charm

Is being charming something you are born with or can it be learned? Research confirms charm can be learned and we know the secrets! Join us as we learn how to increase the charm and be more effective in your relationships.


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Recent Prayer Requests

My husband's dream

We have been struggling on many fronts in our life lately. I have been very depressed and self centered and it has taken an enormous toll on everyone around...

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financial security

I own a small business and it has been a struggle these last few months. Our whole small town is feeling the pinch. Please pray that business will pick up and...

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Financial breakthrough

Please pray that the Lord help me secure a great paying job so that i can take care of my kids and family. My husband and i arecseoarated dince i csmscto...

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Marriage and addiction

my husband has an addiction to alcohol and our marriage has gone through so many trying times. Please pray that my husband addresses his addiction and that...

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Dave Bast & Scott Hoezee

Turning Point Weekend

David Jeremiah

Moody Presents

Paul Nyquist/Jon Gauger

Let My People Think

Ravi Zacharias

Haven Weekend

Charles Morris

Words to Live By

RBC Ministries


Lisa Anderson

Focus Weekend

Focus on the Family/John Fuller

A Call to the Nation

Carter Conlon

Knowing Christ

Dr. Ritch Boerckel


Knowing Christ

Knowing Christ

Dr. Ritch Boerckel
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