What does fierce faith look like? Listen as Lisa Bevere of Messenger International – a fiery woman and author of , , and  – joins the program to unpack what she’s learned about standing firm on the Rock of Christ.

“If you have a life of prayerlessness, it’s about a heart of unbelief. [Fierce faith] is about exhaling our fears and worries and inhaling the power and Word of God. The struggle is strengthening. Everybody is going to have storms in life. We can’t stop the storm from coming but we can choose how we weather the storm.”

What does it look like to have fierce faith in the middle of the storm?

1. Pray scary prayers, not prayers that are scared. Pray from the Word of God – don’t pray according to the limits of your human understanding. What does that look like? Lisa offers some quick tips:

• Pray that justice would reign.
• Pray that law enforcement would be empowered.
• Pray that our brothers and sisters who are living under oppression would speak with authority and power in the Holy Spirit.

2. Position yourself to receive the answer to your prayers. Frederick Douglass used the phrase “to pray with your legs.” Pray, and then act. Lisa urges us to pray God’s Word back to Him and then act in accordance with those promises. God loves our faith, even when it feels like a mustard-seed moment. Acting on that mustard-seed brings joy to God’s heart and brings us closer to Him.

Fierce faith means fearing God more than we fear man. When we know who we are and Whose we are, praying becomes an act of intimacy, courage, and love, rather than an act of fear and insecurity. Walking with God means walking in the intimacy and sharing that joy and peace with others. In Lisa’s words, “If you were the only Bible people could read, what would you say about God? We want to have a very clear inscription on our lives – ‘wholly unto God.'”

Key Scriptures: 1 John 2:20-21Mark 1:22

Theme Song: Guardian by Ben Cantelon

Highlight : Pray scary prayers

Fierce faith

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