The word “family” now means many different things. What was God’s original design for us? Listen as Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton talks about God’s image reflected in the family.

Focus on the Family has started a new endeavor titled The Family Project. Glenn explains the heart behind it.

“It’s a fascinating time to live because we’re seeing so much change… from the spiritual side of things it’s not a good time because we’re seeing so many changes.”

Glenn shares today’s approach to parenting. “Mothers and fathers are interchangeable and all children need is love.” Is that true? Biblically, Glenn says no.

“They certainly need more than that. They do, as an ideal, need their mother and father. Any parent who’s raising their child alone knows it would be easier if the other parent was with them. Male and female aren’t just interchangeable spouses; they are distinct and different, not unequal. Both are necessary.”

Glenn also unpacks

• How men and women are equal image-bearers of God.
• Why Christianity leads to equality and respect for women around the world, throughout history.
• The current attacks on gender identity.
• Why boys need the guidance and intentionality of older men to lead them into adulthood.
• How the family is “the factory of humanity.”
• The consequences of sin on the family, starting with the creation account of Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel.
• Trinitarian love reflected in the joining of the family.

Glenn says, when we understand God, we understand the family. “The universe is a deeply inherently personal and loving place. God is a very personal, passionate, loving God long before He created us.” When a family comes together, that reflects God’s nature and character in a distinct way.

Key Scriptures: Genesis 2:2; Psalm 68:5-6

Featured Songs: God Most High by Worship Central; Press On by Building 429; Your Grace Finds Me by Matt Redman

Highlight: The image of God in the family

The family project