We’ll all give an account to God for how we lived out our faith. But what does it look like for a husband and wife to seek Him together? Bill and Pam Farrel join us to talk about how a couple can strengthen their shared walk with God.

Bill – “Pam has a readiness to obey.”

Pam – “I’ve learned to appreciate Bill’s slow and steady pace.”

Here are some things they offer to couples who want to grow spiritually:

• Don’t try to change your spouse to become like you.

• It takes faith to build a strong marriage.

• Stay curious about your spouse and their faith – never let contention replace fascination.

• Start contending together in prayer for your children, family, and nation.

“Enjoy today. The season that you’re in is a great season. and every season has great joys and great sorrows. Pam and I set up a habit early in our life – that we would pray over every meal we share together, and at the end of every day. It just kept developing. Keep it simple, enjoy the season you’re in, and watch for the next step.”

Pam offers her thoughts. “Every time you say yes to God, your life will get better, even in the midst of the hardest moments. God will show us the path out of that pain.”

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 9:6-7; Psalm 73:24; Ecclesiastes 4:12

Featured Songs: Heaven Everywhere by Francesca Battistelli; Baby Boy by For King & Country; He Has Come for Us by Meredith Andrews

Highlight : Why pray as a couple?

A couple’s journey with God