Every Christian is in recovery.

Listen as Susie talks with Bill Arnold and George Fraser, hosts of Faith Radio’s Real Recovery. They share amazing and encouraging stories and highlights. We hear how God can work to restore alcoholics, drug addicts, those in sexual sin and more.

How do we get knocked off track? Susie and Bill unpack the proverb that compares a life without self-control to a city with broken walls. When we allow things to creep into our lives that dissolve our biblical foundation and edge Jesus off His throne, our walls of protection and integrity crumble. Our choices matter, no matter how minor they seem in the moment.

Bill and George talk about the importance of being action-oriented in our life and faith. Every person has to take personal initiative in their recovery and healing process – God leads us and initiates the journey but we need to come to Him and seek the healing in turn.

Bill and George also point out the importance of being authentic with the people around you. Don’t “fall into Christianese” – if you’re not feeling blessed and joyful, it’s okay to admit it. Authenticity opens the door for real love – the ability to love someone who doesn’t deserve it, receiving love from someone who, only through Christ, can give it.

The underlying issue with all addiction is not addiction, but idolatry. Bill says,

“Things that fire together wire together.”

When we connect a substance or habit with an emotion or time of day, we create opportunity for an addiction. Jesus is the Answer. He alone can fill our needs because when we run after substitutes, we seek meaning and comfort in them. We find meaning and comfort in Jesus because He created us and He is with us.

Key Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 10:14; Mark 10:50; John 10:10; John 15:5

Theme Song: Overcomer by Mandisa

Highlight : What is real recovery?

Christians in recovery

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