What does the Bible teach us about the end times? On this edition of Live the Promise Susie is joined by Bible scholar Ron Rhodes for our monthly edition of Bible Answers.

The judgment seat of Christ:

“Some people interpret ‘crowns’ non-literally, but when you look at the context, it seems that it’s modeled after the first century Roman contests… winners would have wreaths on their heads. Maybe the significance of the crowns is this – those who have a bigger crown have a greater capacity in the afterlife to glorify Christ. Everyone’s cup will be overflowing but some cups will be bigger than others.”


“I’m always really careful about [suicide victims]. This is a very difficult issue. From a biblical perspective, issues of life and death lie in God’s sovereign hands alone. We also know that the sixth commandment says that thou shalt not murder. There’s no direct object [in the grammar] there; that covers all forms of taking life, including suicide. Having said that, what about the Christian that has committed suicide? There is such a thing as the unpardonable sin, but that’s not suicide. My personal belief is that anyone who has committed any sin who has trusted in Christ, they are in the family of God. The fact is suicide does its greatest damage to the surviving family members.”

The tribulation and the restrainer:

“Part of the restraint is that the Holy Spirit protects you, and also indwells the church as a temple. As individual Christians, and the church as a whole, we are used to restrain sin and be a positive influence in the world. Just think about how things are going to be when the church is no longer on the earth. The removal of the restrainer has tremendous implications for what takes place during the tribulation period.”

Key Scriptures: Hebrews 11:1; Psalm 139:16; Matthew 12:30-32

Theme Song: Sinking Ships (Rescue Has Come) by Lincoln Brewster

Highlight : Heavenly rewards

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