Each month we invite Bible professors from the University of Northwestern into the studio and open the phone lines for questions on the Bible, faith and the church.  This month on Ask the Professor we welcome back Professors Mark Muska and Brad Sickler to field your questions.

If you missed the opportunity to call during the live show, submit your questions online by clicking here.  Our professors will answer your questions directly online or during the next edition of Ask the Professor!

Some of the topics discussed on today’s broadcast included; the Ark of the Covenant, kingdom advancement, salvation, bible interpretations and more!  Whether it’s a question you’ve been pondering over your lifetime, or something your pastor preached about this month…we want to discuss it with you!

We tackled some of these questions from our faithful listening friends:

  • Do we need to constantly examine our salvation?  Or, if at some point should we just be able to rest in the knowledge of our salvation, having examined ourselves and found the Holy Spirit changing us?
  • How engaged should Christians be in politics?

“A lot of times Christians are pressured to leave their beliefs at the door when talking about politics” -Brad Sickler

  • How important is the accuracy of Bible Translations?
  • Just as the Bible is considered the inspired word of God, can all of the various translations be considered inspired in the same way?
  • How can we as Christians think about the Middle East conflict and the connection between God’s promises and the land?

As many of our listeners may already know, October is Pastor Appreciation Month.   We had a chance to discuss it with Professors Mark Muska and Brad Sickler, as they offered wise advice and fresh perspectives on appreciating our pastors.

“Pastors have a target on their back and people love to criticize them…but they do so much great work and so much of it comes to light” -Dr. Mark Muska

Tune in every 3rd Thursday of each month for another special edition of Ask the Professor!   Our professors will be ready to take your questions.

Scripture references:
Acts 22Romans 8, Romans 13,  1 Timothy 2:1-31 John 4-5Hebrews 6, 1 Corinthians 11, 1 Peter 2

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