Is God your Rock? When we choose to worship Him in every circumstance, our faith and joy become stronger. On this edition of Live the Promise musician Mark Alan joins Susie in studio. They talk about joy and praise, and Mark leads us in an hour of worship. On this edition of The Artist’s Corner,  Susie and Mark explore God’s presence in our deep suffering. God is near to the brokenhearted, the psalmist tells us, but in that brokenness it can be hard to sense Him there.

Mark leads us through an hour of surrender, discussion, and worship by playing these songs:

Give All of Me
A reminder that we can bring everything we have to God and He will use it, regardless of how inadequate or small it may look to us.

Faithful Still
Storms come; Jesus told us they would. But when money comes and goes, relationships come and go, children walk away from faith, natural disasters rock us, God is still there. His presence and love are unchanging in our lives.

Lead Me to a Rock
Based on Psalm 61 and 62.

“Teach my heart to trust the heart of heaven
With the things that my mind can’t understand
I remember that my God always delivers
And I will rest in the safety of His hand.

So lead me to a rock higher than I,
An anchor for my soul in every trial.
The presence that surrounds me, the love that never fades,
Jesus be my rock, my source of strength.”

Amazing Grace
Susie and Mark explore the idea of saving and empowering grace. In Susie’s word, “We are covered and called but we’re also empowered. This is our time to engage our faith to rely on God’s grace, and if we follow His lead, we really won’t fail. Every act prompted by our faith is precious to Him.”

Susie points out that we are “anchored upward.” God is our sure foundation and our only hope.

Key Scriptures: Job 38:4-7; Matthew 14:17-20; Psalm 61

Theme Song: Faithful Still by Mark Alan

Highlight : Faithful still

The artist’s corner: God the cornerstone