How can we cultivate generosity and wisdom? On this edition of Live the Promise, financial leader, speaker, pastor and consultant Brian Kluth shares insights on what it means to steward God’s resources with wisdom and generosity.

In his book, Experience God as Your Provider, Brian lists a number of key points in the discussion about generosity and stewardship:

• How God meets our needs, not our “greeds”

• The blessing of giving a tithe – in Brian’s words, there is “scientific proof from a Scriptural reality” that those who tithe have less credit card debt, more savings, and more peace.

• The power of “transformational generosity”

How to experience God as your Provider:

“You can’t try to figure it all out ahead of time. The Bible says we can’t lean on our own understanding. In everybody’s heart, there’s only one of two things that can be there – fear or faith. Yes, there’s a fear, but you have to overcome the fear by operating in faith.”

Tips for building a generous life:
Give a portion of your paycheck to the church, keep a weekly journal where you detail what you’ve seen God provide in the last seven days, and practice giving away one item each week. Brian says, generosity is a learned behavior.

“I often tell people no one is born generous and no one is born-again generous.”

When you start to flex your generosity muscle, your capacity to give, and give joyfully, increases.

Brian’s other resources include A 40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life and 7 Key to Open-Handed Living in a Tight-Fisted World.

Click here to download Brian’s free devotional about the 40-day journey to generosity.

Key Scriptures: Philippians 1:6

Featured Songs: We Are by Kari Jobe; Do Everything by Steven Curtis Chapman; All My Fountains by Chris Tomlin

Highlight : Understanding the tithe