What if you stopped looking for a “soul mate” and started looking for someone who will live out with you the great purpose of God? What if dating isn’t about finding “the one” but finding someone who will serve the One alongside you? Today Susie welcomes back good friend and author Gary Thomas. We’ll unpack his new book, The Sacred Search. Whether you’re single, dating, or engaged, you’ll want to hear this program!

Key Scriptures: Matthew 6:33; Exodus 20:2-3; Proverbs 31:10-31

Theme Song: Love Is Not a Fight by Warren Barfield

The Sacred Search

2 Responses to "The Sacred Search"

  • Nmeli says:

    This podcast is so relieving and true, now I can focus on God and His plans for me, and not stress out about looking for a specific person. I can rest and rely on the Holy Spirit’s leading in my life.

  • guest says:

    The concept of soulmate is called “beshert” in Judaism, and comes from the Talmud. It is not in the Torah, but it *is* in the Talmud. So, yes, it’s in scripture; it’s just not in the scriptures that were selected by (most) Christian biblical canons.

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