When it comes to seeing a young person walk away from faith, churches and parents feel powerless to change the relationship and engage the prodigal in positive ways. Many families today experience the profound guilt and pain of seeing a child walk away from their faith and values.

Susie’s guest is author, Carol Barnier. Carol’s book is Engaging Today’s Prodigal.

From Carol’s website: Engaging Today’s Prodigal equips readers with a better understanding of a prodigal’s motivation, useful responses that won’t prevent reconciliation, clear boundaries to protect themselves and other children, actions to take when you know you have contributed to the problem, and the value of realistic expectations. With effective wit and humor, Carol provides material relevant for churches, parents and even the prodigals themselves.

Carol walked away from her family’s faith to become an active atheist, debated Christians, and looked at many worldviews before she found the truth in a relationship with Jesus. In this interview, Susie and Carol talk about how the church can reach out to prodigals and provide a bridge back home when they are ready.

Key Scriptures:Jeremiah 29:11Luke 15:11-32

Theme Song: When God Ran by Phillips, Craig, and Dean

Engaging Today’s Prodigal