Susie talks with Bible scholar Ron Rhodes about his book, Unmasking the Antichrist.

Ron explains that lots of people are asking questions about the Antichrist. Several movies, TV specials and books about the end times have come out recently and many are confused.  He wrote this book to focus on the Bible’s answers to questions about the Antichrist.

“People are looking for answers today, but the problem you face is that a lot of answers you come across are not biblical answers.”

Ron talks with Susie about some of the things the Bible does say about the Antichrist. For example, according to him, the Antichrist is going to be a real person.

“He’s going to be Anti-Christ in the sense that he’s going to be against Christ and instead of Christ.”

Ron also shares that the Antichrist is going to have power, oratory skills and seem to have answers to the questions people are asking.

“One day there’s going to be a person who emerges on the world scene who’s going to seem to have the answers to all those questions and he’s not going to have a sign on him or badge that says ‘I am the Antichrist.'”

Ron adds that the Antichrist will be the kind of person people will be drawn to, a charismatic individual.

“In fact, after a couple of years, this person will claim to be God and will set himself up against the true God.”

Even though there are lots of questions and theories about the end times and the Antichrist, Ron thinks it is important to maintain civility in discussion.

“This is one of those thing where Christians can agree to disagree in an agreeable way. We shouldn’t put on the boxing gloves in the area of prophecy.”

Ron addresses listener questions about the Antichrist and more in the rest of his chat with Susie.

Key Scriptures: Proverbs 3:5-6Revelation 13-16

Unmasking the AntiChrist