Susie welcomes well-known Bible teacher R. T. Kendall to talk about his book, Unashamed to Bear His Name.

As Christians we are supposed to be seeking anointing, but we have to realize that anointing from God isn’t easy and painless.

“If anointing is what we want more than anything in the world then there is a cost. The cost is that we want only what pleases God. And, it results in being ostracized and being compartmentalized by people.”

The real test of if we want more anointing in our lives is if we are willing to pay the price. Are we willing to abandon respectability? Are we willing to abandon comfort and safety?

When we are focused on being right and righteous in the eyes of the world we are saying that we would rather have out names clear than have a greater anointing.

“You want your name cleared by tomorrow afternoon. Well, wouldn’t we all, but the willingness to wait till the  very last, that’s what will bring the anointing. That means you’ll be misunderstood more and rejected more, but God will use you 10x as much.”

According to R.T., if we want to have faith like Abraham and the other men and women of faith we have to be willing to suffer like these men and women did.

At the same time there’s a difference between the world stumbling over the Jesus in us and the world stumbling over the sin in us. We have to use wisdom and common sense.

“If I was allowed to go into Buckingham Palace, I don’t take a Jesus sticker and put it on her Majesty, the Queen…There are those who have hurt the reputation of Jesus by a certain kind of boldness that is more obnoxious than anything else.”

Key Scriptures: John 5:44Romans 1:16

Unashamed to be a Christian

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