Popular author and professional certified coach Valorie Burton knows that successful women have a different mindset. Valorie’s book is  .

Choosing not to live in regret is a key to being successful.

“God always wants us to always stay focused on the present and where we’re headed.”

Also important for success is being aware of negative thoughts. What people tell themselves in a situation often becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. Positive thinking is important, but it’s also important to engage in accurate thinking. Being an accurate thinker means noticing obstacles and challenges and being prayerful about discerning.

Although we may not notice the effects personally, Valorie has seen how neglecting positive thinking often leads people to underestimating themselves.

“I have found that so many women and so many adults don’t believe that they can do the things God has called them to do.”

From a biblical perspective, we also need to remember that with God all things are possible. If we’re drowning in self-doubt we can neglect to remember that unchanging truth.

“As believers, we have to remember that we’re supposed to believe.”

Intentional gratitude is also important. Valorie suggests that if we are feeling self-doubt and frustration we should take a minute to think back on three highlights of our day so far. Thinking about the good things in our life can help us balance when faced with negative circumstances.

Another detractor from success is engaging in pity parties anytime something doesn’t go our way.

“God doesn’t want us to have a pity party and feel sorry for ourselves. He wants us to have faith and constantly be asking him about the lesson or the message that he’s trying to get to us in the midst of our challenges.”

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 43:18-19Romans 12:1-2

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