When we tell the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, certain themes tend to stand out more than others.  Susie and Pastor JJ Slag of Emmanuel Christian Center explore the Holy Week story and new points of interest.

Listeners highlighted the beating Christ received, Jesus washing the disciple’s feet and how Christ was silent during the accusations and beatings as elements of the Holy Week story that especially stood out to them.

JJ identified humility as a common characteristic between some of these refections.

“The word humility sticks out to me. That the God of all the universe comes in flesh and he’s humble and he kneels before his disciples. That just always shocks me. I think we all have such a problem with humility anyway, it’s difficult for many of us. But Jesus, who has every reason to not be humble, humbles himself over and over again.”

Susie and JJ discuss how this amazing element of Jesus’ character is something that we have the opportunity to grow in. Christians are called to look to Scripture and walk in humility even if we feel offended.

Susie also mentions one of the things that sticks out to her from the story of Holy Week: when Jesus served his disciples communion.

“Though his betrayal  was in motion he served communion. He reclined at the table in the presence of his enemy.  Jesus knew that in a few short hours he would face rejection torture and execution and with the longing and passion of his humble heart he looked forward to getting his disciples around the table for the sake of communion.”

She shares her wonder at these actions of Jesus during Holy Week which were focused on bringing union and comfort for his disciples instead of focusing on what he was about to go through.

Key Scriptures: Colossians 2:13-14Matthew 16:24Philippians 2:6

Themes of Holy Week

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