Susie welcomes back pastor Craig Groeschel of to talk about his new book, Soul Detox.

Craig shares that the inspiration for his book was seeing so many in the church struggle with the toxin of sin overtaking their lives.

“We do have our creative ways of trying to mask our own sin and our own sinfulness and kind of up on the outward spiritual show when inwardly we’re not clean.”

Craig shares with Susie that common toxins are harmful relationships, toxic media and addictive tenancies.

He discusses how relationships can harm or hurt.

“Relationships with people, they can be one of our greatest spiritual assets or they can be one of our worst spiritual curses.”

We should be a positive influence to the people around us, but if relationships are leading us into sin, we need to address that. Craig shares that in some cases we need to redefine a relationship or draw some boundaries to ensure that we aren’t poisoned by the other individual.

They talk about how to be a “friend of sinners” in a way that helps them and does not harm you. Key is having a base of believers that can ground your thinking and actions.

Craig shares a situation from his own life where he claimed to be being a light to his friends but they were really pulling him down instead.

“The reality is, their darkness was putting out my light.”

They also talk about toxic media and Greg shares how his wife challenged him in the area of movie consumption. He came to realize that his standards for movies were not in line with what they should be.

“Just because something doesn’t bother me doesn’t mean it’s right.”

Craig and Susie also talk about the toxin of addictive tendencies in the rest of their chat.

Key Scriptures: Psalm 24:3-4Luke 5:12-131 John 1:8-9Philippians 4:8

Soul detox