Do you find yourself unable to relate to others in a healthy way? Susie talks with two guests about relationships and manipulation.

Ginny Yttrup tells the story of her faith journey and the inspiration behind her novel, Lost and Found.

Ginny’s story of suffering sexual abuse as a child enduring and emotionally abusive relationship as an adult is a background influence on her work. She has learned to take that pain and find a purpose in it. Not only that, she also learned that she had to take the risk of examining her past and speaking truth into it.

Then, counselor and Faith Radio contributor Leslie Vernick looks at strategies for overcoming manipulation and building healthy relationships. Leslie’s has written about recognizing manipulation, and countering it.

Individuals can be vulnerable to manipulation when they are in a situation where they don’t have a good support system in their life. She encourages people who fear they are under a manipulator’s power to get some fresh air.

“Read books, go to church, be around other people, do things that give you other perspectives so that you’re not so easily taken in by one person’s point of view.”

Another way that people can get manipulated is if they are too nice and mistake nice Christian virtues with being a doormat.

“People who are takers are attracted to givers and when givers don’t know how to put boundaries down and say no without fear of disappointing someone or feeling guilt, then those takers tend to prey on their fear of rejection or guilt.”

Leslie identifies specific symptoms of manipulation:

•   Feeling afraid to say no.

•   Feeling like the person is going to reject them.

•   Feeling like they can’t tolerate the other person’s rejection.

•   Boundaries that are being disrespected.

•   Guilt tripping.

Key Scriptures: Romans 8:28Matthew 6:22-23 

Overcoming manipulation