Susie welcomes back author Patrick Morley, author of Man Alive.

Patrick shares with Susie his story and the struggles he had as his father tried to discern how to be a father. Patrick’s father had a hard time figuring out how to be a father because he didn’t have good male examples in his life.

Patrick’s passion is to help and disciple men so they know how to be good fathers and embrace the manhood they are called to.

He discusses how many men feel like their souls are dry and their most important relationships aren’t healthy. Patrick, in his book, identifies seven primal needs that men have.

One of those needs, according to Patrick, is the need to break free from the destructive behaviors that keep dragging them down.

“Most guys that I know have some ambition or some desire or some hope that they’re hanging on to that competes with a full, total surrender to Christ.”

Patrick shares that one of his areas of struggle was in marriage. At the beginning of their marriage he didn’t let his wife have a voice. He needed to turn from this to sustain their marriage and provide opportunity for growth.

Susie and Patrick take questions from listeners about biblical manhood and one listener asks about encouraging her husband in his work and leadership. Patrick emphasizes that women can encourage their husbands through prayer and deliberate verbal encouragement.

For men who are looking to grow into biblical manhood, Patrick says they need to be in the Word and in a small group with other men.

“You get a chance in these small groups to see how other guys really handle their life situations.”

Patrick’s ministry, Man in the Mirror, focuses on intentionally developing manhood.

Key Scriptures: John 15:151 Chronicles 12:21Ephesians 5:25

Man alive