Susie Larson is passionate about helping others live the promised life God has called them to, even after or in the midst of trial and pain. This type of promised life involves active faith.

“We are called to go from strength to strength, from faith to faith and to be exercising our faith, not just reacting to life.”

Many will wander through hardship and pain, through the valley of the shadow, but there is hope.

“He’s appointed no one to live forever in the valley of the shadow. Scripture says we pass through the valley of the shadow.”

It is no small thing when we believe God even when our circumstances tell us otherwise. In those times we are called to trust in the promises of God even if we can’t see immediately how they are fulfilled in our lives.

The times of valley in our life aren’t just meant to be times of despair and discouragement. There is treasure in the valley.

“We’re going to find peace, we’re going to find still waters, we’re going to see his promises come to pass.”

Our journeys through the valley parallel the Israelite’s journey through captivity. Like the nation of God, we were made to live free but the things that bind us up are based on lies of the enemy that we buy into when we doubt God’s promises.

Susie also discusses some of the components of living the promised life.

If we want to step into God’s promises for us we have to be willing to let go of the lesser things that we may like to cling to.  Sometimes all we can see is our small human view, but God can have a plan for us that is bigger and bolder than we could ever imagine.

Key Scriptures: Genesis 21:1Numbers 23:19Psalm 119:50John 14:182 Peter 3:13

Live the promised life