If you are seeking to grow in your relationship with God, even if you’re just starting out, you’ve likely experienced times where you felt so close and connected with God. Perhaps it was at a conference, on a retreat or during worship. There was a rush of connectedness and passion.

And then it was gone. Everyday life comes back and drowns out that moment of deep relationship. You aren’t sure if the moment was fake or if you just aren’t trying hard enough, but you know things aren’t the same.

What do you do?

Author Casey Bankord explores intentionality with God in the book he co-authored,  .

Casey defines frequency as the concept of turning the moments of connectedness with God into everyday trust and relationship with him.

“If we don’t understand what works for us in our relationship with God we tend to start copying our friend or our pastor.”

Cramming our pursuit of God into the molds that we see around us is problematic. We get easily bored and frustrated because we aren’t operating the way God designed us to be. We haven’t found our frequency.

When we’re trying to find our frequency we can consider some questions:

•  How do we naturally learn?
•  What types of environments do we thrive in?
•  How do you like to connect with your friends relationally?
•  In what ways has God gifted you to serve?
•  What are some areas of sin or recurring patterns that get in the way of a close relationship with God?

After considering those questions, the next step is to craft a plan. Our paths may not look like our friend’s path or or pastor’s path, but that is okay. By doing this we’re finding the way God created us to be, we’re finding our frequency.

Key Scriptures: Philippians 4:4-7, Acts 17:26-27