Today Carol Lund, Kristie Kerr and Kelsey Keddington from Bridging the Gap join Susie for a discussion on nurturing faith in themselves and being hidden with Christ in God.

While women, in ministry especially, can tend to compete with each other, Susie talks with Carol, Kristie and Kelsey about the importance of avoiding such competition and instead praying for more workers for the harvest. They discuss how the power of the Holy Spirit is key.

Instead of focusing on competition and achievement Carol, Kristie, Kelsey and Susie talk about finding ways to nurture faith practically. They note the differences between going in for a taste of God and going all-in to the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Big things like conferences can be ways to step into God, but recognizing the power and work of God in the little moments and details of everyday life is also key.

They also discuss the difficulties of carrying out mandates God has given them, particularly in planning the Bridging the Gap conference for women. Although they face continued distractions along the way, these women discuss the joy and fulfillment they find in utilizing their passions in line with God’s.

No matter where a person has been placed they have the opportunity to serve God. This service will look very different because of the different passions and skill sets individuals posses. They share that regardless of how it may look, there is unique power about joining God’s mission.

What they see as amazing is when God takes a passion and a gift that someone really enjoys and uses it to further his kingdom.

“Sometimes I feel we hear a call of action and we think, well, I have to move oversees or do something that seems so outside of who I am, but I love that God has equipped us and created us with things because they line up for the purposes he has for us.”

Key Scriptures: Ephesians 3:20Luke 10:2Psalm 23

Bridging the gap