People have honest doubts and questions about God that deserve solid answers.

Susie welcomes back pastor Ray Pritchard to talk about his book, An Anchor for the Soul. They discuss God’s passion for his children and the way he calls and saves his people from their darkest moments.

People don’t have it all together, they don’t have life or faith perfected when God calls them.  Ray emphasizes that God can do lots of good, he can transform any life, even the life of a person who feels they have little faith.

“When we come to God with the slightest bit, with whatever faith we have, which really is the faith God gives us. If we come to him with that faith,  and we say, ‘Lord, I’m not enough,’ he’ll say, ‘I know that, I got you covered.'”

We are certainly weak, but that’s okay. Christ can cover all our sin.

“For those out there that really feel like you don’t measure up, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is you’re right, you don’t measure up. The good news is the gospel is all about how Jesus has measured up for  all of us in his perfect life, in his perfect death and his victorious resurrection.”

Ray explains that when we come and cry out to God he hears us. Imperfect faith doesn’t make us outside the grace of God. In fact, Ray maintains that imperfect faith may be the exact thing that makes us perfect for the grace of God.

“If you’re willing to admit your need you’re a great candidate for the grace of God and Jesus will not turn you away.”

Susie and Ray also talk about his book An Anchor for the Soul and more in their interview.

Key Scriptures: Mark 9:24

An anchor for the soul