When your husband isn’t a believer, your marriage can feel like a constant battle. You’re pulled between devotion to your husband and devotion to Christ.

How can you find a way to love and respect your husband while closely following Christ?

Lynn Donovan discusses just that along with her book, Winning Him Without Words. When a husband isn’t a believer, the idea of winning him to Christ sounds intimidating and almost impossible, Lynn encourages women to find comfort in Christ. While we can reflect Christ’s love, he himself is the only one who can change another’s heart.

“I don’t even need to say anything, it’s the love of Christ that will win my husband over.”

For a woman whose husband isn’t a believer Lynn says there are a few things she should do:

  • Recognize that we are not alone.  There is a community of believers who are unequally yoked. The community exists online too. Women need to make sure they are involved in a community of believers.
  • We need to think of ourselves as missionaries in our marriage when our husband isn’t a believer. Sometimes when a women realize they are unequally yoked they see their marriage as a cross to bear instead of the mission opportunity it is.
  • Chose activities that your husband would like to do. Participate in his hobbies. Take time to spend time with him that isn’t focused on proselytizing.
  • Lose the guilt. Know that if you are praying and inviting God into your home and your marriage every day he is going to bless you and your family.
  • Don’t expect things to get better right away. Six weeks of praying isn’t going to magically make a spouse come to Christ. Lynn has personally experienced years of struggles in this area. Women need to be patient and wait on the Lord’s timing.

Key Scripture: 1 Peter 3:11 Corinthians 7:12-14

Win him through love