We can all agree that life’s difficult for everyone.  No matter how blessed we are, there are levels of difficulty to our lives from hard classes and jobs, to relationships and losses.  Pastor Bob Merritt discusses his book When Life’s Not Working and how 7 simple choices can help you navigate through life’s daily challenges.

When Life’s Not Working

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  • Hank Renol says:

    I hope this is not another one of those Gospel-less self-help books as are so common today. Is the book about what you can do to help yourself, or what God can do through you when you give all to Him? Please ask the hard questions.

    1. David says:

      Hi Hank. Unfortunately it sounds like you’ve already made an assumption, but if not, I’d encourage you to check out the book. It certainly highlights the actions that we must take in order for God to use us, but the author makes it very clear that without God there’s no amount of “action” that one can take to ultimately change. Merritt relies heavily on Scripture throughout the book. In fact, every “action” or “help” as you’ve called it that he discusses is taken strait out of God’s word with Scripture included in every reference. By no means does this book leave the reader thinking he or she can do it alone, it leaves you understanding quite the opposite. I understand your pessimism, but this book is by no means a “self-help” book – it’s a God-can-help book if we are obedient and follow the Biblical lessons He’s given us. Merritt makes it clear there is no life free from pain, suffering, poverty, or brokenness, but a life that follows God’s plan, surrendered to God, is one that is lived with joy, patience, love, and eternal success. Check it out, I think the book will surprise you.

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