Susie and author Ron Kincaid dare you to pray more deeply, effectively and regularly than your have before. Ron’s book is The Prayer Dare.

We can struggle with prayer when it doesn’t seem like our prayers our answered. Why should we pray if it doesn’t do anything? Does this really matter?

Ron explains that one reason we may not receive answers to our prayers is because we’re asking for something that’s not good.

At the same time, if we’re feeling discouraged about prayer, we should look for ways that God has answered our prayers, even if those are ways we don’t expect. Did that trip go safely? Did your child have a good report from school? Did that headache go away? Take note.

Ron will dare you to pray and grow in several ways:

  • Pray daily for 40 days
  • Set a specific amount of time for prayer each day
  • Make requests that are specific
  • Keep a prayer journal
  • Keep an answers to prayer journal

A listener asks about how to help draw her young daughter close to God when she and the daughter don’t always feel close to him. Ron suggests praying the Lord’s Prayer and emphasizing that God is a great Father who loves us. Susie suggest praying together with the child.

Although praying to God throughout the day is valuable, Rod strongly suggests setting aside time when prayer can the be primary concern. We don’t want to give God the leftovers, we need to give him prime time in our life.

Susie also suggests praying for God to provide us more time to spend with him. We should ask God to create space and calm in our lives. He can do it after all.

In the program they also talk about what it means to ask from God and hear stories of answered prayer from listeners.

Key Scripture: Matthew 7:9-11

Prayer Dare