There are times in life when we are so overwhelmed with trials we can’t see God working. Things seem so bad that there is no room for God’s grace. Susie talks with Carol Kent, author of the book  .

Reflecting on the promises of God’s grace, Carol tells the story of her family walking through the trial of having her son convicted for murder.

“You have to have faith when the life you thought you once thought you had seems to be disappearing due to crisis or the actions of someone else.”

Throughout this conversation, Susie and Carol reflect on the negative and harmful consequences of taking situations and trials into our own hands. Relying on God was the only way Carol was able to get through the trials in her life and recognize God’s working.

Despite all that she and her family have gone through, Carol found ways to minister and share God’s grace.

“I realize that there is absolutely nothing that can happen to us that cannot be used as a platform upon which we can sing and speak about God’s great steadfast love,” Carol explained.

Through the tears and trials of having a son convicted for murder, Carol found God’s unconditional love and the courage to share that love without hesitation. She and her husband have continued to minister to her son through his time in prison and to see how God has given divine surprises no matter their circumstances.

Listen now as Carol shares her story of experiencing God’s presence and grace, even while knowing her only son is in prison for murder.

Key Scriptures: Lamentations 3:22-23; Hebrews 11:1

Between a Rock and a Hard Place