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Leslie Vernick


Do I love myself enough or too much?

We often hear that we need to love ourselves more in order to have good mental health and self esteem but the Bible warns us against thinking too highly of ourselves (Romans 12:3). Yet many Christians struggle with feeling worthless and can even slip into self-hatred, which is not healthy. The Bible isn’t opposed to loving ourselves.…


Do you invite truth-tellers in your life?

Several weeks ago I spent a week with some amazing women at our annual retreat we take together. This is our sixth year and each time gets better and better. We share our lives, our successes, our struggles, our fears and our failures, personally and professionally. We pray together, sing together, study God’s word together and cry…


Sometimes you have to stop being just a servant

I was speaking at a major Christian university about building healthy relationships and a student approached me and said, “You teach mutuality and reciprocity are important in healthy relationships but I get confused because I’ve been taught I need to be a servant without looking for reciprocity or mutuality.” He went on to share…


Do you talk to yourself?

You may not realize it, but we all talk to ourselves. We continuously carry on an inner dialogue about how we view life, people, God, and even our selves.  The Bible cautions us to pay attention to the way that we talk to ourselves. One of the reasons we must do so is because we don’t usually tell ourselves the truth. For example,…


Finding hidden treasures in dark places

I’ve never been good with waiting. My husband never understands why I purposefully read the end of a novel just to know what happens and yet still go back and finish reading the rest of the book. When we watch a movie, if he knows how it ends, I want him to tell me, then I can settle in and enjoy the rest. When I was a little girl, I discovered…


Tired of keeping all those Christmas traditions?

I used to go all out for the holiday season decorating, cooking, and making homemade gifts. I’d send out cards with yearly letters and photos, make videos for the grandparents, and shop for unique and well thought out presents. By Christmas Eve I felt exhausted and crabby but I was determined to make Christmas feel like Christmas.…


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