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Bethany McIlrath

For the rainy days

Rain, all at once, can stop us and bring us to repentance while also showing us the love of God and proving His care for us.



Can you think of a game, a sport, or even a war victory that is owed to force more than strategy? Yet too often we try to overcome by sheer force of will.


To the wanna-know-it-alls

Not knowing is something that we have to live with, but also something that many of us despise. God has plenty to say to those of us who really can’t stand not knowing.


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You are the light of the world

With faith, hope and clarity, Bill Arnold welcomes Bible scholars, teachers, and Christian leaders to help us grow deeper in our faith. Bill Arnold brings hope and humor to conversations about current events, big ideas, and God’s work and redemption. Each weekday afternoon, Bill welcomes Bible scholars, teachers, and Christian…

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