For Kati Pessin, the struggle with depression began early in life.

When her parents’ picture-perfect marriage fell apart, so did Kati’s world. Her father chose his new wife over Kati and her brothers, effectively ending their relationship. The rejection was devastating.

Throughout adolescence Kati dealt with depression and anxiety. By the time she went to college, there were days when she couldn’t get out of bed. Feeling so debilitated led to feelings of shame. Why couldn’t she get her act together?

After college, Kati met someone and fell in love; they began making plans to marry. While she was attending a Christian conference, she felt inspired to pray.

“I said, ‘God, I want you more than anything. If anything in my life would stop me from following you, take it away.’”

The night she returned from the conference, her boyfriend told her he did not want to marry her and ended their relationship. It was a complete shock and it brought up so much pain from her past.

“All of it came back in a flash: my father’s rejection, the pain of the past. It was overwhelming, devastating. I felt so unloved – like no one could ever love me.”

Kati felt hopeless, and she tried to end her life.

But at that lowest point, God sent people to help pull her out of the pit. It was an experience that changed her forever.

Hear Kati’s story in Chapter 45 of Epic.

Climbing out of the darkness

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