From the death of his two cousins and their entire family, the death of his grandchild, and the countless others he watched as a physician be ushered into the afterlife, Dr. Reggie Anderson has experienced much of what death has to offer.

These encounters with tragedy have made him into the man he is today and have shaped his perspective on eternity and heaven. Dr. Reggie speaks to what happens when tragedy strikes,

“When tragedy happens, we have a choice, we can either run away from God or we can run to Him.”

Dr. Reggie was 15 years old when two of his cousins and their entire family were murdered by escaped convicts. Faced with tragedy, Dr. Reggie made the choice to turn from God.

“That was not a good journey; that was seven years of very hard things to navigate.”

However, later in life when his grandchild passed away, he saw his children running to God in the midst of tragedy.

“They ran toward God in that tragedy and He held them and embraced them and gave us all comfort in a very difficult time of losing a five year old baby girl named Maria.”

“We had those choices to either run away or run toward God and running toward God is a much easier path because He will give you those resources and comforts.”

Dr. Reggie says God would give bread crumb marks to know that He is near.

“We saw many experiences where God would kind of wink at us and tell us that Maria is better, Maria is good. Just like in my dream where He gave me the experiences of seeing my cousins and they were well and healthy. Our last breath here is our first breath in heaven. No matter what the tragedy is, it’s very temporary.”

Dr. Reggie Anderson has practiced family medicine for over twenty-five years and was awarded The First Humanitarian Award by the Centennial Medical Center in Nashville. A graduate of the University of Alabama Medical school, Reggie is a physician with the First Clinic. He also serves as chief of staff of TriStar Ashland City Medical Center and is medical director of three nursing homes.

Key Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:16-18

Featured Songs: Mighty Cross – Elevation Worship; Thank you – Bethel Music; Jesus, We Love You – Bethel Music

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