Using business as a platform to share Christ, plant churches, and develop flourishing communities is at the heart of BAM—Business as Mission, and it’s happening in a significant way in China.

Business and mission leader Dwight Nordstrom gives us an update about their recent business ventures, and explains how his team is working to expand the gospel message in China. God is moving in incredible ways in China, but the reality of spiritual opposition that comes alongside that is not lost on Dwight.

“There’s always risk that business and earning money can turn into the love of money; we are warned against that. I have no spiritual support, nor does our company, from any non-profit tax exempt sources. We don’t accept that and we don’t seek that. However, we must have prayer support.”

“It is a spiritual battle. We also have put ourselves under spiritual accountability. Among our non-nationals, we would have over 20 mission agencies that we would have contracts with, not financially based, but that come and visit us once every six months to inspect us.”

“We live in a tough place and Satan’s pretty busy. He doesn’t want to do to get more penetration there.”

Despite the opposition, Dwight’s team is working hard to stay focused on their primary mission – to share the gospel message. He gives us a glimpse into one of these business ventures.

“This recent acquisition just seven weeks ago was one of 140 people. We had a design engineer from Purdue University, who’s also a young Christian, and a man from Canada in his 50’s who was a passionate Christian. So we added them to the workforce.”

Out of 140 people, there was no believers and only nine had ever seen a Bible.

“We’ve now encouraged people to talk and to have study sessions. One of the great things is over 50% of the employees interviewed said, ‘We want to have training, continuous improvement, on family and marriage.’ Well who is the author of family and marriage? Jesus!”

This presented Dwight and his team with a unique platform to share the good news with those who have yet to hear it.

“We’re bringing in some non-nationals for about five days and they’ll be doing it off hours, after work, and also on the weekends. This particular factory happens have a dorm and so about 80 of our workers in the dorm and we’re creating some times of singing and sharing.”

Through Business as Mission, more and more people will have an opportunity know and experience the love of Jesus Christ. We can come together to support this miraculous move of God in China.

Dwight Nordstrom has over 25 years experience in doing business as missions in China and Islamic countries. Since 1990, he has been the chairman of Pacific Resources International (PRI), a USA manufacturing-holding company with support functions of consulting and engineering for start-up and/or expansion of manufacturing in China.

Business and the church in China

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