Every person, believer and unbeliever, will be judged by God. Scripture tells of two judgments: The Great White Throne Judgment and the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Radio host Dr. Ron Jones explains the distinction between the two judgments.

The Great White Throne of Judgment.

Unbelievers, those who have not professed faith in God, will stand before The Great White Throne of Judgment. Revelation 20 shares a glimpse into this sobering scene. All unbelievers gather before a God they rebelled against or outright denied and are judged based on their works. Following this judgment they will be cast in the lake of fire, along with death, Hades, and Satan.

The Judgment Seat of Christ.

On the day of reckoning, believers will stand before The Judgment Seat of Christ and be held accountable for what they have done in service to Christ. .

“We are not saved by good works, but we are saved for good works. What we do in service to Christ will be judged.”

This is not to judge your worthiness to enter heaven; Jesus’ death on the cross already paid for the sins of believers and has promised them a place in Paradise.

“Our entrance into heaven is not in question at The Judgment Seat of Christ, but our experience in heaven and our rewards in heaven are determined there.”

Ron explains that this is a chance for us to be held in esteem for the way we lived for Christ.

“Heaven will be heaven for everybody who is there by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, but it will be more heavenly for those who have served faithfully.”

What will this judgment be like for believers?

“Somebody once compared the Judgment Seat of Christ to a high school graduation. It’s always a wonderful time. Everybody gets a diploma. Everybody graduates; some people graduate with honors. And that’s the way it will be at the judgment seat of Christ.”

Ron explains more in his book, .

Key Scriptures: Romans 8:28Ecclesiastes 3:11Luke 16:19-31

Featured Songs: Sons & Daughters by North Point Music; Spirit of the Living God by Meredith Andrews; You Are the One by Lincoln Brewster

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