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God wants us to be healthy, live strong and serve others. According to Lisa Morrone, we need to improve the way that we eat in order to make a difference in our lives and those around us.

With the growing health crisis of diabetes in America, Lisa says it’s important to pair foods to avoid high blood sugar spikes. She shares a few practical examples,

“When my kids were little, I would give them apple juice in their sippy cups and I would give them some Ritz crackers if they needed a little snack. All I did was give them a huge spike in their blood sugar.”

“What I have since learned is that when you pair a protein with a fat, or protein with a carbohydrate, we end up having a great reduction in the blood sugar spike.”

“I would have been much better off on that Ritz cracker if I were to spread some almond butter on that. When that was taken down into the stomach, the healthy fat in the almonds would have reduced that blood sugar spike.”

It’s common to think that having fruit for a snack is a healthy choice. But Lisa says we need to pair our fruit with a healthy fat in order to get better results.

“Strawberries have some really great vitamins in them, but if you eat them by themselves, without say a small piece of cheese, a handful of nuts, or something to that effect, you’re going to spike your blood sugar. It’s really important that we pair and partner those things.”

“If you absolutely need to eat a piece of bread out of that bread basket, you’re better off to dip that bread in olive oil, or even smear some butter on it, because that fat will reduce the blood sugar spike of that piece of bread in your belly.”

During the holiday season, it may be especially difficult for people to avoid overeating. Lisa says we can maintain moderation by eating our calories, rather than drinking them.

“When you come to the holiday feast, you might say to yourself, ‘I’m going to have one glass of something calorie heavy.’ Don’t have multiple glasses throughout the day, drink water the rest of the time.”

Along with pairing our foods and avoiding high calorie beverages, it’s also important to maintain portion control.

“Sometimes people will get breakfast because they say, ‘I’m going to eat so much at lunch today; I’m just going to save myself the calories and not eat breakfast.’”

“The problem is, the way that our metabolism works is we to be have to keep our “metabolic fire” sparked with a few of a logs here and there throughout the day. If you don’t eat breakfast in the morning, when you eat, you will overeat more than you would have eaten if you came into the meal not starving. You’ll also have a metabolism that can burn off your lunch quicker.”

By changing the way we eat, we will start to see positive changes in our physical, mental and emotional health. 

Lisa Morrone is a physical therapist, professor, author, and speaker who encourages people to Get Healthy for Heaven’s Sake. Lisa’s expertise in the subjects of resolving physical pain, overcoming overeating, protecting against and reversing diabetes, brain aging, and other life-robbing diseases has been developed throughout her 25+ years in the healthcare field.

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