“Certainly prophets and apostles have heard voices from God. But I think we do a disservice to the average Christian in telling them that they’re actually going to hear an audible voice.”

Some people claim to hear God’s voice in an audible way. Others say we can only hear God through His Word. Is it a mixture of both?

Bible scholar Ron Rhodes says we can train ourselves to recognize God’s voice by spending time reading the Bible.

“You must have some understanding of God’s Word. The more time you spend in God’s Word, the more verses God will be able to pull out of the blue, and remind you of those verses when you need it.”

If you’ve ever been in a situation and prayed for wisdom, and a Scripture comes to mind, that is God’s way of bringing you help. His Word is a sword that never dulls with use. The same Scriptures on fear, money, and forgiveness can lead us throughout our lives without losing their potency.

Does God speak to us in other ways? Ron cautions us against what he calls modern-day mysticism that has found its way into the church.

“Some people are teaching that the Bible is not that relevant, but rather the experiences that we have with God are just as authoritative as God’s Word. And I don’t agree with that.”

Our experiences can lead us to do things that are entirely contradictory to God’s truth. We can’t trust our thinking when we desire holiness one moment and rebellion the next. Only when we turn to the Bible can we anchor ourselves.

“God’s Word is God’s final word to us, and it’s definitive. It is the barometer of truth against which we test all other things in the world.”

It’s a key practice to study the Word for ourselves on a regular basis. Ron compares our knowledge of Scripture to a body of water. As we read through the books of the Bible and apply the truths to our lives, that body of water grows.

“The bigger the pool of available verses in your mind, the more the Holy Spirit can draw from in helping you in those circumstances.”

Let’s remember that God’s voice doesn’t need to be audible to be powerful. The words He spoke to those in Scripture, He speaks to us today. We can trust His voice as we study His Word.

“We know that the Holy Spirit inspired Scripture. And who better to help us understand Scripture than He who inspired it? He who inspired Scripture is its best interpreter.”

Key Scriptures: Acts 18:24-26; Genesis 6:1-4; John 20:28-29; 2 Corinthians 8:9; 2 Kings 2:23-25; Revelation 3:19; 2 Peter 1:5-7; Ezekiel 38-39

Featured Songs: The River by Jordan Feliz; Hold On by Toby Mac; Touch the Sky by Hillsong; Greater is He by Blanca; Good, Good Father by Chris Tomlin; Through All of It by Colton Dixon

Highlight : Hearing God’s voice

Bible answers with Ron Rhodes!

Bible answers with Ron Rhodes, hour 2

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