How can the way we read the Psalms change our understanding?

In his book,  , Vic Black exhibits the power contained in the Psalms when they are read in the first person perspective. Reading the Psalms from this new perspective opens up a whole new arena of listening to God and being quiet in his presence.

According to Vic, this practice has revolutionized the way he speaks to and hears from the Lord.

“I’ve started asking God questions and not answering questions for him, but really receiving the answer to the question right out of the Psalms.”

How can it impact my life?

This perspective on the Psalms can lead to a deepening of our personal relationship with the Lord. Vic believes that this deep, satisfying relationship with the Lord is available to anyone.

“I believe that he wants to continue to extend more and more intimacy in relationship to us and so the Psalms have come alive in a way where the voice of God springs right out of the songs.”

Like many Christians, Vic finds the Psalms to be especially soothing in times of distress and despair.

“When I’m in a particularly dark time the Psalms just cry out with words of rescue with words of God’s presence and with words of perspective regardless of how difficult the circumstances might so.”

While Vic does have favorite Psalms he returns to time and time again he says that he wants to get outside of his comfort zone.

“I don’t want to get stuck there, I want to continue to go to more and more Psalms, maybe even some I’m unfamiliar with and just watch them become good new friends.”

Key Scriptures: Psalm 23; Psalm 18

Featured Songs: Word of God Speak by Mercy Me; We Fall Down by Steven Curtis Chapman; Jesus, We Love You by Bethel Music

Highlight: The Psalms from a new perspective

Hearing God in the psalms

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