“You cannot sustain a society on principals that are contrary to how God has created us.”

Although today’s culture tells us to believe unsustainable ethics, you can advocate for your right to freely live out your Christian faith and stand up for what the bible says.

Jordon Lorence, an attorney at the Alliance Defending Freedom, promotes religious freedom and tackles hot topic conversations, including the definition of marriage.

In response to growing LGBT lawsuits, Jordan shares advice for ministries, churches and colleges, on how to protect themselves during these challenging times.

“On our website, alliancedefendingfreedom.org, we have materials for what businesses should do, what nonprofit religious ministries and churches should do, what small businesses should do to protect themselves.

Speaking particularly to churches though, what they have to do is to make sure they have clear doctrinal statements that they act on about the definition of marriage, that it is clearly accessible, etc., and to basically stick to the principles.”

We are warned of the dangers of compromise and how we need to confront certain issues accordingly with the truth of the gospel.

“Anybody who says, ‘We want to present the gospel, but stay away from the secondary divisive issues…’ I caution people that think that way are simply giving into pressure to compromise.”

When have the mindset that we are only going to focus on the fact that Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead to win us salvation and reconcile us to God, we are missing important pieces of the gospel. One of which is knowing what God says about marriage.

If our definition of marriage doesn’t properly align with God’s definition, we are at risk of hindering other people’s understanding of the gospel. Jordan supports the definition of marriage with Ephesians 5.

“Paul says in Ephesians 5, that marriage of one man and one woman reflects the very gospel itself – that Christ loves the church. So now that’s a secondary way that it communicates the gospel, preaching and the Bible reading are the main ways, but nonetheless we distort, or limit, or hamper people’s ability to comprehend the gospel itself if our societies define marriage wrong.” 

As Christians, we need to understand what the Bible says about marriage and pray for God’s help to defend His design for it.

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