He was a popular Christian recording artist in the 80’s and 90’s, but his music took on new depth after several losses, including his fiancée and his grandmother. Today, guest Host Bill Arnold talks with recording artist and author Billy Sprague about his life, his music, including “Via Dolorosa,” and his book .

“Rose is with Jesus.”

With those four words, Billy’s world drastically changed. His fiancée was killed in a car accident and he was forced to learn “the landscape of grief.” He needed to wrestle with the hard questions – does this faith work? Why does God take those we love?

Bill, George, and Billy unpack a number of issues surrounding grief:

•  How to comfort someone after they suffer loss

•  What to say vs. what not to say

•  The meaning behind the phrase, “Keep tying your shoes”

•  How grief affects us at different seasons and ages

Billy says his heart healed through “many acts of kindness, and the Holy Spirit.” When you’re comforting someone, don’t take the shortcut to comfort. Consider concrete acts of kindness, bringing over a meal, sending a card with a gift card included, or offering to watch their children rather than simply sending a text message.

“It’s easier when you get to turn a page, but sometimes life turns the page for you.”

Billy calls us to hold fast to Christ and His Word in the midst of changes. We can either get down when things change, or we can “stay connected” to our highest calling. God’s entrusted something to you, a skill, a calling, a family – and your job is to steward that through every season of life until He takes it back or calls you home. Billy also calls us to keep dreaming – life is short, and God is with you. What do you want to do? What is your gifting? Find it, use it, and share it for His glory.

Highlight – Via dolorosa

Via doloros


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