Suffering and loss are universal.  But where can we find lasting hope in the midst of pain?

Professor Jerry Sittser shares from his personal journey to help us discover grace and meaning in hard times.  As a follow up to his book A Grace Disguised, Jerry has written A Grace Revealed:  How God Redeems The Story Of Your Life and he speaks fresh words of grace and redemption.

It’s hard for us to fully accept the truth of Romans 8:28 when we face hard times. Jerry says this is particularly true because of our human perspective. We just can’t see the whole picture. And yet, though we can’t see every detail of how it will take place, we can hold on to great hope. God is going to be the final, all-determining factor in our story no matter how dark the circumstances of the season may seem.

The Bible shows us the way to live within the realities of our human condition. Jerry calls it living evenhandedly.

“Hold everything with open hands” – Jerry Sittser

Jerry tackles the understandable question: how can we trust that God is at work when circumstances appear to say otherwise? He also notes that character can really take root and flourish during various forms of testing.

By nature, we’re born selfish. Our character is formed after we suffer an injury, or after we’re moved from a comfortable place. When we’re put to the test and can clearly see that we’re not the center of the universe, we are in a place where that character can be built. A key component of that process is cultivating habits of God – practicing service and gratitude.

We reflect on a place where our circumstances will no longer confuse and disappoint us – Heaven.

Highlight – On Heaven

A grace revealed

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