“God knows the plans He has for us, and the future He’s calling us to.” Jeremiah 29:11

Listen in as Susie speaks with author and evangelist, Christine Caine. Caine shares how we as the Church can fight human trafficking and protect those who are made in God’s image. Christine Caine is author of 

“Trafficking is predominantly fueled by terror and fear… If everything we say about our Gospel is true… then what on Earth is stopping us from doing whatever it takes to get to those that are bound and in captivity? That’s what the undaunted journey is. It’s just saying, What daunts you? What fears do you have?  What is it that is stopping you doing the very thing God has left us on this Earth to do, which is to go and speak and save that which is lost.”

When God first awaken the conviction to put a stop to human trafficking?

“The real wake up call was in the airport… about 5 years ago when I saw all of the posters of the young women and children and went on to find there was a big interest in human trafficking.

The penny really dropped that in my lifetime, there are more slaves on the Earth today than ever before. It was almost incomprehensible to me. And I was thinking… is that the legacy we want to leave? That during our tenure on the planet, as stewards of the Church of Jesus Christ, is that how effective we are? That there’s more slaves on the Earth today than ever before. Surely something is fundamentally wrong.

I remember I was in a hotel room, [reading the story of the Good Samaritan in the book of Luke]… I always thought I was the Samaritan… as I was reading that story… in this moment, it was like the Holy Spirit – just in my heart, I just had this sense of, “Christine, you know you think you’re the Samaritan,  but you’re not the Samaritan. You’re actually much more like the Levite and the Priest.” They were so busy going to their next Christian conference, their next Christian meeting, their next religious event, that they walked straight past the man that I sent them to help. They say the man as an inconvenience an interruption to their ministry, rather than the object of their ministry.”

Christine Caine and Susie Larson discuss the implications of human trafficking in today’s world – and how the Church can respond:

Key Scriptures: Ephesians 1:6Luke 10:30-37

Theme Song: God of Angel Armies by Chris Tomlin

Highlight : Made in His image

Made in His image

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