Dan Britton and Jimmy Page, co-authors of Wisdom Walks: 40 Principles for a Significant and Meaningful Journey  dig into wisdom and  intentional living in their book and chat with Susie.

A key principle that Dan and Jimmy emphasize in their book is walking with others who are wise. We aren’t created to do life on our own, we need each other. Isolation is an enemy that cripples, destroys and misleads.

“We can’t afford to not do life together.”

In fact, they maintain that wisdom minus relationships equals nothing. We can’t have or live in wisdom if we aren’t walking with wise brothers and sisters.

Wisdom doesn’t just happen. It requires uncomfortable intensity. If we want to fill our lives with wise people we have to be aggressive in seeking those people out. Too often passivity can be mistaken as weakness. Dan and Jimmy challenge us to reject passivity and pursue wisdom with fierce intentionallity.

Dan and Jimmy offer some tips for intentional, wisdom-filled relationships:

  • Be a good friend
  • Spend time with friends who are wise
  • Don’t have to many friends

We have to ask if our behavior is consistent with what we would expect from a good friend. If we wouldn’t want them to gossip, we shouldn’t gossip. Do our friends follow Jesus? Are they growing in his ways? Do they do the right thing even when it’s hard? Do they make other people around them better? Do they stay close when times are tough?

We should also examine ourselves to see what we can bring wisdom-wise to a relationship. Are we digging into the word of God? Are we growing? Are we willing to listen to critique with grace? Are we willing to be there, even in tough times? Do we make the people around us better?

 Key Scriptures: Proverbs 13:20, 1 John 2:6

Walking in wisdom