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    The meaning of Passover

    ...nd we can embrace the Jewishness of Jesus and the reality of our Jewish heritage. Image: Flickr Highlight – The meaning of Passover The meaning of Passover...

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    Horseradish – Taste the heat, remember the feat!

    ...ure to educate me regarding the customs and culture of his upbringing. The Passover dinner (or Seder), which is eaten on the first night of this weeklong religious observance, is an extremely symbolic meal. One of the six traditional foods shared on this night is maror, or the “bitter herb” horseradish. When placed on the tongue, it is to bring to mind the bitter times of slavery the Jewish nation endured under the heavy hand of the Egyptians. It...

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    Study of Peter: “Give me a bath”

    ...nd His disciples would have been met at the door of the “upper room” where Passover was to be celebrated by a Gentile servant who would have washed the dirt off their feet. Not so that night. Apparently Peter and John forgot to attend to that detail! John writes, “It was just before the Passover Feast, Jesus knew that the time had come for him to leave this world and go to the Father. Having loved his own who were in the world, he now showed them...

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    How Jesus fulfilled the Last Supper

    ...tle cup and a little piece of bread and you break it off. That is not what Passover was.” When the Hebrews were to be delivered from Egypt, God gave them specific instructions for what to do: take a year-old lamb without spot or blemish, sacrifice it and put the blood of the spotless lamb on the door of your house, the sides and top of the door. God’s message was clear. “On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn...

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    Study of Peter: protector or sleepyhead?

    ...f Gethsemane After Jesus put away the towel and basin of water and ate the Passover meal with His followers, He taught them a great deal about what would happen in the days that followed (John 14 – 17). Later that evening Jesus and the disciples left the Passover meal, crossed the Kidron Valley on the east side of Jerusalem and entered an olive grove (John 18:1) which was called Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36), a name which meant “oil press.” He left m...

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    Study of Peter: Jesus predicts Peter’s denial

    ...Click here for the entire series. The setting is the Upper Room where the Passover meal was held. After finishing the Passover meal, Jesus spoke in somewhat cloaked terms about being “glorified” (a reference to His death and the salvation that would be possible through His sacrifice) but more plainly about the fact that He would be leaving His followers for a place they were not yet able to go (John 13:31-33). Then He commanded them to love each...

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    The Jewish-ness of Jesus

    ...What would it have been like to be in Jerusalem during that first Holy Week? Would we approach Passover with a fresh perspective? Would we understand the kingdom of God and the Jewish roots of our faith? We’ll get answers and insights to these and more questions with Dr. Michael Rydelnik, professor of Jewish studies at Moody Bible Institute. The Jewish-ness of Jesus...

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    Why are we “washed in the blood?”

    ...icture foreshadowing Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is the event of Passover: “The ancient Israelites were enslaved in Egypt, and God sent 10 plagues to convince the pharaoh to free them. The 10th plague was death for every first born, both Egyptians and also the Jewish people. It is a vivid picture that we are all sinners and we all deserve to die for our sin because we are offending a holy and just God. To escape death, they had to...

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    Study of Peter: Peter’s final exam

    ...ou.” Jesus responded, “Feed my little lambs” (John 21:15). Earlier, at the Passover meal Peter had declared, “Even if all fall away, I will not” (Mark 14:29). Frankly, Peter’s response to Jesus now was a bit anemic, “I love you like a brother or neighbor.” He left off the phrase “more than these [other disciples].” Maybe he had learned not to set himself above the others. Jesus wanted Peter to state his humility publicly. Jesus said, “Find food fo...

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    Study of Peter: Lessons on Faith, Prayer and Service

    ...followers. Shortly after that, Jesus asked Peter and John to go prepare a Passover meal for Him and His followers (Luke 22:7-13). Peter and John followed Jesus detailed instructions, arranging the tables and preparing the food according to ancient tradition. Both men demonstrated their willingness to not only lead the rest of the Christ-followers but also to serve them. Is there some area in your life where you really need to trust God but are st...

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