Dr. Jeremiah Johnston, host of the Jeremiah Johnston Show, answers your most difficult questions, equipping you with solutions to both complicated and every-day challenges.

Join Dr. Jeremiah Johnston for interactive discussions, inspirational teaching, entertaining interviews and extremely practical, yet pointed answers to the most difficult questions you face in the most vulnerable and raw moments of life. If you’re interested in a faith rooted in God’s Word this is the show for you! Jeremiah will equip, resource and lead you to discover timeless biblical solutions to complicated, every-day challenges. Whether you are a sincere, yet questioning Christian, or an informed, but doubting seeker, Jeremiah will inspire you with wisdom and insights to fulfill the great command to love God with all your heart, soul, strength and thinking!

Jeremiah Johnston is known for his unique communication skills and his infectious love for people. Pastors, in unison, have remarked regarding the timely effectiveness of his ministry in their churches often drawing record attendance due to his compelling content and fresh presentation. Jeremiah is President of Christian Thinkers Society and a Resident Institute at Houston Baptist University where he also serves as Professor of Early Christianity.

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Introducing The Jeremiah Johnston Show