“It’s such an exciting way to live out your faith being a superhero on behalf of God.”

God has called Caroline Barnett and her husband Matthew to run the Dream Center in Los Angeles. The Dream Center serves unwed mothers, those living in poverty, and those who struggle with addiction and homelessness. Recently they have been focusing on developing a foster care intervention program.

“Here in America, we have almost 500,000 kids in foster care.”

Many parents struggling to provide for their children face the fear of having them taken away. Child safety workers often provide families in crisis with a list of things that need to be in place in order for the parents to keep their children.

“Can you imagine if you’re this mom… working as hard as you can, you’re doing your best to check off this list…You know your inspection’s the next day. Could you imagine the fear that would be in your heart? Where would your children go? Would they be safe? Would they know you did your best? Would they know that you love them?”

“Then imagine if a group of people came knocking on your door and saying, ‘We’re here to help you.’ Now what would you think of them? And more importantly, what would you think of their God?”

Acts like this are steps of faith. Caroline and her team work with impoverished families to make sure the children are properly clothed and fed so the children can stay with their parents. It can be grueling work – but Caroline has great joy in the stepping-out process.

“I can’t imagine life without these kinds of experiences, being the hands and feet of Jesus, knowing that you’ve been an answer to prayer.”

Here’s an excerpt from Caroline’s book, :

“Jesus told Peter to come and walk on the water Peter responded immediately. He didn’t question the impossibilities of the situation. He didn’t request a five minute break to research how the laws of physics could be defied. He didn’t turn to other disciples and ask their opinions on whether or not he should step out. Peter followed Jesus; he trusted Him. He knew who his master was and without looking back he stepped out into the unknown waters.”

The story of the Dream Center is full of miracles. But Caroline says those aren’t the only displays of power from God.

“You would not believe some of the stories and testimonies that come through the Dream Center. God is able. And He can restore the most broken of lives. And He can pay the biggest bill. None of it makes sense. But we do our best and God does the rest.”

Key Scriptures: Romans 8:11-14Matthew 14:24-33Matthew 17:20Isaiah 58:7-14

Featured Songs: I Am by David Crowder; If I Have You by Vertical Church Band

Step out of the boat to love your neighbor

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