Jesus Christ defined the Holy Spirit as the helper, but what does He actually do? Is it possible to feel the Holy Spirit in every day life?

Sarah Bowling says that if we actually let Him, the Holy Spirit can and will guide and lead us in our every day decisions.

“I love Jesus and I’ve devoted my life to following Him. However, there are pieces in me that are worldly or fleshly so to speak. Those are the pieces that I believe the Holy Spirit puts His finger on and says ‘hey, I’m not happy about this.”

“You were impatient with your husband, you were snarky with that person over there, you were not kind to that person at church. The Holy Spirit puts His finger on that stuff and says, that’s worldly and that’s fleshy. It needs to be extracted. Look this isn’t good, we need to put this on the table and deal with it and not let it fester and grow and be poison in your system. “

Whether it’s a negative attitude here, or a moment of impatience there, Sarah says that the Holy Spirit loves us too much to let us stay there.

How do we really know if a thought in our head or a word from someone else is truly from the Holy Spirit?

While it’s important to listen to your own conscience to determine if something is from the Holy Spirit or not, it’s always important to compare the message you are receiving with Scripture to see if they match up.

“It’s got to line up with the Word of God. The ultimate plumb line is the Word of God. That’s got to be ground zero.”

The same applies to situations where people tell us that they have a word for us from God. We are wise to determine if it resonates with our own heart and compare it with Scripture to determine if it could be from God.

Sarah Bowling founded Saving Moses, an international nonprofit organization that provides resources for children in need. She and her husband, Pastor Reece Bowling, co-pastor a multigenerational church in Denver, where they live with their three children. Learn more at

Key Scripture: Colossians 3:14

Featured Songs: Hills and Valleys – Tauren Wells; Do it Again – Elevation Worship; Tears – Matt Hammitt

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