On their latest album, Dan and Sandy Adler wrote a produced a song called It’s Time to Come Back. The song was written about the life story of a Native American named Karen Austin.

At the age of three years old, Karen Austin was forgotten outside in the bitter cold on the reservation where she lived. She survived, but her hands were permanently deformed. Social services took her away and she entered the foster system. At one point, during an altercation with her foster father she said she wished he would die; the next day he did.

Already living with deep emotional trauma, Karen was then abducted and beaten repeatedly as a 15 year old. Eventually she got away, went to an arcade and asked some friends to call the police for her. The police arrived and to her relief, told her she was safe. However, Karen continued to live the life of a runaway.

“I ran all over the United states. I became an alcoholic, a drug addict, and I did cocaine and worked in the bars for 10 solid years.”

Finally, at 29 years old and at the end of her rope and Karen cried out to God.

“I cried out to someone, I didn’t know if it was God, I just knew that somehow I wanted to be healed. I cried for about three or four months, knowing that I was dying from drugs and alcohol.”

Karen distinctly remembers turning on a Christian radio station and hearing God speak to her.

“I heard God say, ‘my child, it’s time to come back. It’s time to come back my child.’ I’ll never forget that, I’ll never forget God’s voice saying that to me.”

Not only did God speak to her, He miraculously released her from her addictions.

“Jesus instantly set me free from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and that whole lifestyle. He instantly gave me a divine healing and I’ve been free ever since.”

Dan and Sandy Adler have been married and have been performing together since 1984.  They are both graduates of Crown College.  They have two children, Danielle and Ben, and live in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

Key Scripture: Jeremiah 32:27  

Featured Songs: Extravagant – Bethel Music; Do it Again – Elevation; Hills & Valleys – Tauren Wells

Coming back to God

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