Highlight: Wisdom vs knowledge

If you could have anything you wanted, would you ask for wisdom? Dr. Michael Guillen reflects on Solomon’s request for wisdom over riches or knowledge.

“I love the fact that when God expressed his love for Solomon and said, Listen Solomon, I’ll give you whatever you want, Solomon could have asked for anything, he could have had the treasures of the of the world but he didn’t, he asked for wisdom.”

God does not offer us anything we ask for, but in His great love for us He does offers us wisdom if we ask for it.

“He’s out not to get us, but to help us through this life. What we need more than anything in this world today is wisdom. Science provides us with knowledge, but God offers us wisdom.”

Knowledge comes from science, and wisdom comes from God. Therefore knowledge without wisdom is ineffective.

“If we have knowledge without wisdom we are hobbling. We are closing one eye.”

With science and faith we can come to a greater understanding of the things of scripture. Dr. Guillen uses the realm of the infinite as an example.

“When the New Testament says to us that we can have a personal relationship with an infinite God, as a scientist it made me think about black holes.”

Although a black hole is a finite object, it contains infinity.

“Here we have in science teaching us that a finite object like a black hole can contain an infinity.”

What does this have to do with faith?

“This is what the New Testament is saying, that we are finite beings. But we can invite the Holy Spirit, which is infinite, inside of us. As Christians, we can be like that black hole, we can be finite objects, but deep within our soul, if we’ve invited the Holy Spirit we contain an infinity.

When we have the infinity of the Holy Spirit inside of us, we also have access to an infinite amount of wisdom, from God.

“The infinity provides us with wisdom by which to navigate through this crazy world of ours.”

Dr. Michael Guillen is president of Spectacular Science Productions, Inc. and Filmanthropy Media, Inc., as well as chairman and president of Philanthropy Project. He is also a TV host, movie producer, best-selling author, columnist and popular public speaker.

Key Scripture: Philippians 4:8

Featured Songs: Song of My Father – Urban Rescue; Believe – All Things New; Thy Will – Hillary Scott

Does science and the Bible agree?

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