Highlight: Seeing God be God

What if the worst night of your life was actually the best night of your life? When Jenny Simmons‘ life was crashing down around her, she knew God was still fighting for her, even when she didn’t see it.

“I kept going back to Genesis 50 and there’s a verse that says ‘you (meaning the devil) intended it to harm me, but God will turn it to good.”

To this day, Jenny doesn’t know who or what caused the destruction in her life, but she knows that her despair isn’t the end of her story.

“When I was in the middle of that season, what I can tell you is that there was no good reason for me to be able to get up each day and just keep going, because it was just too much.”

It was was the sustaining hand of God propping her up against all odds that kept Jenny moving forward. During one particular moment of despair, Jenny called her friend Jackie for some counsel.

“It’s like she held my hands through the phone, she gave me the big hug I needed over the phone.”

Jenny says this conversation with Jackie was the turning point in her story.

“She just kept saying over and over again very quietly to me, this is the best night of your life.”

Jenny was annoyed by this seemingly unreasonable optimism.

“When I finally had just gotten rid of all the tears and got quiet, she said, do you want to know why this is the best night of your life? It’s because you are about to see God be God.'”

“She said, ‘Jenny, buckle your seat because you only think you know what it looks like for God to fight for you, love you, protect you, and the fiercely go before you and behind you and wrap his arms around you. You are about to see God be God in ways that you’ve never seen before.’”

Jenny Simmons is a dynamic storyteller, sought-after musician, blogger, and speaker. She is the author of  .

Key Scripture: Psalm 139

Featured Songs: He Knows My Name – Francesca Battestelli; Find You Waiting – December Radio; Chain Breaker – Zach Williams

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