Here is a great excerpt from Pastor Will Davis’ book Pray Big.

“Prayer brings God’s blessing and God’s provision. A praying person lives with the kind of of spiritual momentum and favor that only consistent prayer can bring.”

Do you know someone who exudes the power of God? Someone whom you can tell, spends time in His presence? God invites all of us to be people who have clearly been with Jesus (Acts 4:13).

Why do some seem never to hit their stride spiritually while others seem to run with purpose in every step?

The answer: time with Jesus.

As we camp in the presence of the Living God and we identify ourselves with Him, our hearts begin to beat in rhythm with His. We begin to love what He loves, want what He wants, and live in the way He appointed us to live.

All of life is to be one of living-breathing-dialogue with a present and engaged Savior. As we pray without ceasing, we find Him faithful and never-failing. As we dare to ask Him to move in ways that are above and beyond our level of comfort, we find Him answering in ways that exceed our prayers.

Anyone who has ever taken prayer seriously knows it to be the highest and most effective work a man can put his hand and heart to. You’ve heard it said: More Prayer – More Power. True, true, true!

Are you grieved that your church seems to operate without power? Pray! Do you long for your city to be blessed of God? Pray? Does your heart ache for your wandering children? Get on your knees and pray!

As mind-boggling as it is, God moves when we pray.

To borrow a phrase from Will Davis, what big hairy audacious prayer are you praying these days? I’d love to know!

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  • I just finished listening to yesterday’s show with Will Davis, Jr. and I am sooo encouraged! The Holy Spirit has really been convicting me about my prayer life. Although I am in communication with God throughout most of the day (I seem to have a running dialogue with Him), when I do my most focused prayer time in the morning I keep struggling with falling asleep! How pathetic is that?? Not exactly what one would call “pinpointing” prayer! I seem to stay awake just fine to read my Bible and complete my Bible study, but then I pray and a few minutes into the prayer I will realize I have been sleeping.

    Want to know what my big, hairy audacious prayer at the moment will be? To discipline myself to go to bed at a decent time so I can have focused prayer in the morning! This may not sound big, but I have been struggling with this for at least 2 years! Hubby has to get up at 5:15 to leave at 6 for work. I have always got up and made his lunch and made the coffee so we can enjoy a cup together before he leaves. I don’t want to give this up, so the only other option is to go to bed early, like at 9:00 p.m. Ugh! And if I want to read at bedtime then it’s more like 8:30. Double ugh!

    Jesus, change my attitude about discipline and self-control and help me to embrace change. Give me a vision for what kind of prayer life I could have. Thank you for what you are going to accomplish in this area of my life. In your precious name, Amen!

  • Susie-Larson says:


    I LOVE your passion and wholeheartedly agree! There is NOTHING like the power and the impact of prayer.

    I love your challenge too! What do you have to lose? My hubby and I have stepped up our prayer commitment just because we’re asking for big things from God and we’re SO aware of our deep need for Him. What’s come out of that time is absolutely amazing and wonderful. Oh, to pray more. There’s no better use of time! Nothing can impact a situation like God can. 🙂

    Okay, now I’m preaching to the choir.

    Bless you, my sister!

  • Teresa Hall says:

    YAY Susie!

    There is NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING like the power of prayer! The past year of my life I have been walking through a daily path of submission to the Lord as He is answering the prayer of my heart. Starting from absolutely nothing, bit by bit, day by day, a journey that is teaching me about love, goodness, God’s timing and just what can happen to our lives when we submit to His will, His desires for us and His timing.

    In order to do what He asks, in order to learn to trust and to wait, I have had to learn to submit to prayer like never before in my life. And the answers?? THE ANSWERS?? WOW– the answers to prayer are so obvious, so audible, so audacious, so huge!!! that I cannot even believe it!

    To make things even more exciting, our pastor is leading our church into a new season of prayer- and people are responding like crazy! We had a Sunday night prayer service that was as packed as a Sunday morning! WOO HOO!

    Awesome! Anyone who is questioning the power of prayer== all I can say is what do you have to lose? Take that step and trust, just trust that the Lord really does hear your prayers, that He really does want to bless you, that He really will move on your behalf. We gain so much more than we can ever possibly imagine- prayer is the path to our Father.

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