There are three basic levels of kingdom living when we surrender to Christ. Jerry Trousdale of CityTeam International breaks it down.

1. God meets your most basic needs. You seek a relationship with God where He heals you, meets with you, and works in your personal life.

2. God is orchestrating your ministry at a local level.

3. God is asking you to partner with Him as part of a larger kingdom movement.

Jerry tells a story of a friend of his who was called into the third level of kingdom living. David was a pastor living and serving in Kentucky. In addition to that, he headed up a missions agency and served as director of a large Christian school.

On the surface, it looked like David was in his sweet spot. But God asked Him to step out.

“There came a season that he sensed that God was saying ‘This is not what I have called you to be.  There are things that I have for you that are going to require new open doors in your life.’

David wrestled for months over God’s call, but he waited in obedience for the open door. He connected with Jerry at an event where Jerry was describing disciple-making movements. David knew instantly this was the open door God had been preparing him for.

He stepped away from his church and missions board, and started a discipleship movement in Latin America. The movement exploded.

“Today there are 25 different Christian organizations that have partnered with him as he and his teams have coached them. Since January of this year they have seen 600 churches planted.”

That’s not the only amazing work God has performed. David and his ministry partners are seeing those who disagree on secondary issues come together to plant churches and share the gospel from city to city.

“We have one non-charismatic, non-Pentecostal leader who’s providing day to day coaching and mentoring for an exclusively Pentecostal denomination.”

That is what happens when we submit to God’s leading and reach across denominational lines.

The Holy Spirit is in the business of uniting believers. Jerry calls all Christians to step up to level three.

“This is the place where Christians finally ask the most important question. ‘What’s it going to take to see God’s kingdom come in this place?’ When we’re willing to go where the answer leads, that’s when you see kingdom fruit. Then, and only then, can you take the principles and strategies you’ve learned and use them effectively.”

Key Scriptures: Psalm 133

Featured Songs: The Maker by Chris August; Glow in the Dark by Jason Gray; Live Forever by Matthew West

Highlight : The 3 levels of kingdom living

Kingdom passion and Christian unity