Real Recovery goes international as Bill and George welcome Sean Gladding, originally from Norwich, England, to the program to talk about how, of all things, the Ten Commandments can be practically applied to recovery.

Sean says:

“I wonder if we’re not much different from that crowd gathered around Moses as he handed down the Ten Commandments. In many ways we’re just a bunch of slaves. Our identity has been deeply shaped by the things we’ve become enslaved to, whether voluntarily or not. Things like our addictions and compulsions. Our need to consume, to acquire, to know how we stack up against everyone else. Our perfectionism. Our need to be right. Even our religion . . . “

All these things have power over us. They control us, whether we like it or not, and whether we’re willing to admit it or not. We need to be set free. Sit in on this lively, heartfelt and heart-rending conversation about the Ten Words of God—those commandments etched in so much stone, causing so much turmoil and yet inviting us into a world we dream about, a life we had given up believing is possible.

Originally hailing from Norwich, England, Sean Gladding has made his home in the U.S. for the last two decades, where he has served in various forms of pastoral ministry, getting around on his ’84 Ironhead Sportster. During his time at Asbury Theological Seminary he first encountered the concept of the metanarrative of scripture, an experience that has deeply shaped his life.

Sean Gladding

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